Water Supply and Drainage

Drinking Water Abstraction, Flood Defence,

Irrigation and Drainage Systems.

Many drinking water intakes are located on rivers where salmon and eels migrate, and FGS’s systems have proved a cost effective solution to screening the intakes to protect both the migrating as well as the resident fish populations. FGS has supplied behavioural systems to the majority of the UK’s water utility companies.

Flood prevention, irrigation and drainage schemes often incorporate pumping stations to transfer water, and these can lead to significant fish kills when pumps first start up or by fish being entrained during the operation of the pumps. Transferring water from one catchment to another can also lead to the inadvertent transfer of non-native species, and FGS’s systems have been installed at a number of pumping stations and irrigation schemes to prevent this occurring.

Drinking Water Abstraction

Abstraction of drinking water can have a significant impact on river flows, as well as the resident fish population, and so the impact of drinking water intakes is closely monitored by the regulators.

Flood Defence and Drainage

Flood defence and drainage pumping stations typically operate on an intermittent basis and fish can congregate in significant numbers inside the pumping chambers, especially during the winter months. READ MORE

Irrigation Schemes

Irrigation of farm land can vary from small seasonal schemes involving the flooding of traditional water meadows to large industrial sized water management and transfer schemes, moving water from one catchment to another, and on occasions, even further.