High Intensity Light Systems

FGS High Intensity
Light systems comprise of
the following components:

  • FGS Light Control Unit
  • FGS Power Supply Units
  • Control Equipment Enclosure
  • FGS Break Out Boxes
  • FGS High Intensity Lights
  • Interconnecting Cables and Underwater Connectors
  • High Intensity Light Deployment System

FGS Light Control Unit

The Control Unit provides the light signal for the High Intensity Light system, but with future legislation that will require all freshwater fish species to be protected, the unit can be easily upgraded to provide an acoustic signal that when synchronised with the light signal will provide a SILAS™ system, suitable for a wide variety of fish species. .

FGS Power Supply Units

The FGS Model 1500 Power Supply Unit provides the power supply to a maximum of 8 Break Out Boxes.

Control Equipment Enclosure

The Control Unit and Power Supply Unit form the Control Equipment of the High Intensity Light System.  The Control Equipment is typically housed in an air conditioned enclosure, or a Control Equipment Enclosure within an air conditioned plant room.

FGS Break Out Boxes

One Break Out Box can feed to up to eight High Intensity Lights, using underwater mateable connectors.

FGS High Intensity Lights

A number of different High Intensity Lights are available from FGS, depending upon the required application. The Light Intensity Light Bar is typically used when fish need to be guided, when only a light system is required, or on smaller intakes. The High Intensity Light Ring and Light Panel are used in larger applications, typically where the FGS 30-600 Sound Projector is installed.

Interconnecting Cables and Underwater Connectors

Typically a signal cable daisy-chains from the Control Unit to each of the Break Out Boxes, and a power cable runs from a Power Supply Unit to up to 8 Break Out Boxes. All of the cables supplied by FGS are underwater grade cables, and use underwater mateable connectors.

High Intensity Light Deployment System

The deployment system for the Sound Projectors is usually designed to fit in with the physical constraints associated with the intake, and also the operational requirements of the system. Deployment systems may take many forms ranging from a simple rail to a custom made structure.

For further information on the systems available please contact FGS.