BAFF Systems

FGS pneumatic BAFF
systems comprise of the
following components:

  • BAFF Unit
  • Air Blower or Compressor
  • Air Blower/Compressor Pipe
  • BAFF Control Unit and Control Lines


The BAFF system comprises of modular sections, each 2.4 m long, which are linked together to form the required length. The acoustic signal is entrapped in the bubbles by a driver unit and the resulting ‘wall of sound’ produces an uninterrupted guidance system.

Air Blower or

The BAFF uses an air blower or compressor to supply pressurised air to create a continuous bubble curtain, and to supply the control pressure line in the BAFF Control Unit

Air Blower/Compressor Pipe

A temperature/pressure resistant pipe delivers air from the air blower or compressor to the BAFF Control Unit and BAFF Units.

BAFF Control Equipment
and Control Lines

The BAFF Control Unit is used to provide the required signal for the system by regulating the pressure in two control lines that feed the Driver Units fitted on each of the BAFF Units.  Pressure feedback lines run from the BAFF units back to the control panel to allow pressure within the BAFF to be monitored.  An alarm system indicates a sudden drop in pressure resulting from a failure in air supply.

For further information on the systems available please contact FGS.