Target Species

Asian Carp, European Eel, Salmon

FGS provides a range of targeted underwater systems for deflecting and guiding fish movements.

When fish movements need to be halted, for example with Asian Carp in the Mississippi, FGS has systems proven to prevent their passage, which can be installed to divert the fish into collection areas for harvesting.

For fish that need protection each system is carefully designed to speed up migration, minimise entrainment, reduce mortality and ultimately ensure that the fish can quickly and successfully negotiate any potential obstacles.


The Asian carp species bighead carp and silver carp are invasive species have become a major problem to the native fish populations the North American waterways.

Eel & Elvers

The European eel (Anguilla anguilla) was once common throughout European waters but has suffered a major decline, present stock levels being a few percent of what they were 20 or so years ago.

SALMON smolt

All Pacific and Atlantic salmon species are anadromous, being spawned in rivers and lakes and migrating to sea as smolts to grow to maturity, before returning to the rivers to complete the life cycle.