Power Stations

Power Stations

FGS has been working on major power plant projects since the company was established in 1994, and the systems are now considered best available technology for coastal waters by the UK Environment Agency. Fish deterrent systems have been installed at numerous power stations in the UK, Europe and North America, with the system installed at Doel Nuclear Power Station in Belgium running since 1997.

Deflection rates of 85-100% are typically achieved with pelagic species such as herring and shad, but the deflection signals available from FGS are suitable for a wide variety of fish species and the systems are typically installed to deflect a broad population of fish. The highest deflection rates are now available when High Intensity Lights are combined with the acoustic signal, and this is achieved by the installation of FGS’s patented SILAS™ technology.

In North America the use of FGS’s behavioural technologies as part of a fish protection strategy potentially offers very cost-effective means of achieving 316(b) compliance, especially at sites where the pelagic fish component is high.

FGS’s systems are also effective at protecting against mass inundations of pelagic fish which can periodically force plant shutdowns.

The systems are designed for industrial duty, typically being operated continually with minimal intervention. The systems can be installed on both inshore and offshore intakes as part of a new build, or can be retro-fitted to an existing intake, as is the case for the majority of installations. The Control Equipment monitors the condition of the different components and enables the operation of the system remotely, either via PROFIBUS or other similar protocols, intranet systems or if required via the web.

The systems are available either as a direct purchase or under a lease agreement, which can include full support and maintenance by FGS or its appointed agents. Each system is tailored to the individual requirements of the client. Contact FGS for further information.