Power & Industrial

Power Stations, Hydro-Electric Stations and
Petro-Chemical Facilities

Typically the largest deflection systems are required by the Power and Industrial sector, due to the large volumes of water abstracted as part of their operations. FGS has been providing systems to this sector since the company was established in 1994, in order that clients can reduce their impact on local fisheries as well as maintain the continual operation of the cooling water systems.

Power Stations

FGS has been working on major power plant projects since the company was established in 1994, and the systems are now considered best available technology for coastal waters by the UK Environment Agency.


Most hydro-electric schemes use the maximum available amount of water for generation, typically only allowing 2-5% of the base flow to bypass the turbines for environmental compensation.

Industrial Plants

Industrial plants can require large volumes of water and in the past legislation has only required screens to be installed to protect migrating salmonids (salmon and sea trout). READ MORE

316(b) Ruling

On May 19 2014 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the final ruling on Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.