Fish Guidance Systems

Latest Eel Test Results Demonstrate Significant Avoidance

Results from independent flume trials carried out by THA Aquatic and Sparsholt College have demonstrated an 84% avoidance response by silver eels to Fish Guidance Systems High Intensity Lights.

The trials involved the test tanks being split into two halves, with one FGS High Intensity Light Bar being deployed in each half, and operated independently at night. This enabled the Light Bars to be operated alternately, switching the light and dark zones in the tank. Silver eels (379 – 765 mm in length) were introduced to the test tank and given time to acclimate to the conditions before the High Intensity Lights were operated. The movement of the eels was monitored by infra-red cameras positioned over the top of the tanks, and their reactions to the lights were recorded.

Richard Horsfield, lead assessor for the project, stated ‘the trials indicate that FGS’s High Intensity Lights has the potential to act as an effective deterrent to silver eels, and this work paves the way for FGS’s systems to be trialled on intakes where operators are looking for an effective alternative to installing a physical barrier’.

FGS is now looking for sites where demonstration systems can be installed, and if you are interested in trialling an FGS system please contact FGS for further details.