Fish Guidance Systems

FGS Attends Fish Market

FGS recently attended the Fish Market international workshop at Roermond in the Netherlands, which focused on best practices and innovations for downstream fish passage at hydropower stations.

Dr Andy Turnpenny authored a presentation entitled ‘Considerations for Use of Non-Physical Barriers in Downstream Fish Guidance’, which was well received by a full workshop of international plant operators and regulators.

One of the main outcomes of the workshop was that behavioural barriers offer the only real option for screening the intake to large hydroelectric stations, where physical screens are not a cost effective solution. As a result there was significant interest in FGS’s BioAcoustic Fish Fence (BAFF), particularly after the successful independent trails carried out in California demonstrated how large intakes can be protected. Dr David Lambert, who was attending on behalf of FGS, stated “there was some scepticism about the use of behavioural barriers, especially as a result of trials using other companies technology, but the independent trials carried out by the Department of Water Resources in California were of great interest, and regulators from across Europe are looking to incorporate the BAFF system into trials in Europe facilities”.

For further information about the BAFF and the trials carried out in California please contact Dr David Lambert at FGS.