Fish Guidance Systems

American Fisheries Society Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri

This year’s Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) will be held in August in Kansas City. This is the Society’s 146th Annual Meeting and it is an event which FGS has regularly attended, as it provides an opportunity to meet specialists in the field of fish guidance from all over the world.

Once again Dr Andrew Turnpenny will be attending on behalf of FGS and this year he will be presenting two papers at the symposium ‘Theory and Application of Behavioural Guidance to Deter Invasive Native Fish’.

The first of paper entitled ‘Design concepts and developments in behavioural fish guidance’ considers the effects of non-physical barriers (NPBs) and is based on the use of one or more stimuli to control the movements of fish according to a prescribed plan. The paper reviews the principles of behavioural guidance and the key areas of biological and engineering investigation that must underpin any successful design.

In a second paper ‘Special considerations in design of barriers for invasive fish control’ Dr Turnpenny examines non-physical barriers that have the objective of not necessarily achieving total exclusion of fish from protected waters, but of reducing in-migration to sustainable levels.

Dr Turnpenny commented “the AFS always provides a stimulating environment in which to discuss fish guidance and deterrence matters with the world’s leading experts. The technology developed by FGS offers a highly cost-effective solution across a wide variety of fish species that cannot survive physical screening measures, and the meeting will provide an opportunity for delegates to be updated with the latest developments in FGS’s systems”.