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WWF reports on ocean's value

Two recent reports from WWF have highlighted the changes threatening the world's oceans and some of the solutions that can help to support them. The reports indicate that the ocean is changing very rapidly and more than at any point in millions of years. This change is not for the better and despite all the benefits offered by the ocean, harm is being caused by climate change, pollution, over-exploitation and destruction of habitat.

The two reports - 'Reviving the Ocean Economy' and 'Marine Protected Areas' explore the extent of the work needed to protect the ocean, starting with real global commitments on climate and sustainable development. Amongst solutions presented by WWF are embedding ocean recovery throughout the UN's post 2015 agenda, including Sustainable Development Goals, taking global action on climate change and delivering strong commitments to protect coastal and marine areas.

Dr David Lambert of FGS added - 'These two reports are very timely, and help to demonstrate the need to seriously consider the potentially destructive long term ongoing impact that developments such as tidal energy and power stations can make to local ecologies. Multiply this globally and it is clear to see that steps have to be taken to mitigate the harmful effects of development. FGS is constantly evaluating solutions to these problems to ensure that long established marine life patterns remain in balance for the benefit of all'.

The reports conclude that as human reliance on the ocean increases so does the need for us to protect it. In the coming months, governments will make critical decisions that will directly effect the state of the ocean for generations and WWF argues that it is not too late to reverse the problems and ensure a healthy ocean for the benefit of people, business and the environment.