Fish Guidance Systems

American Fisheries Society Meeting in Portland, Oregon

We look forward to this year’s American Fisheries Society meeting, to be held in August at Portland, Oregon, on the west coast of the USA. This is an event which FGS has regularly attended, as it brings together specialists in the field of fish guidance from all over the world.

This year Dr Andrew Turnpenny will be attending on behalf of FGS. Many of FGS’s breakthroughs have been reported in this forum over the years and the meeting will include over 100 separate symposia. Highlights for us this year will be the symposium “Fish Deterrence and Guidance Technologies: From Innovative Concepts to Lessons Learned”, which include studies carried out by independent researchers on FGS’s Non-Physical Barriers (light + bubble + sound) in the San Francisco Delta region, and on “The Effectiveness of Light to Guide or Deter Eels”.

As usual, there will be a symposium dedicated to examining and minimizing entrainment and impingement impacts at power plant cooling water intakes in relation to Section 316(b) of the US’s Clean Water Act: “Protecting Fish at Cooling Water Intakes: Recent Advances in 316(b) Science”, where FGS’s products can provide a highly cost-effective solution across a wide variety of fish species, including fragile fish species that cannot survive physical screening measures .

The AFS meeting is always a great place to come and discuss fish guidance and deterrence matters with the world’s leading experts, and Dr Turnpenny will be pleased to meet with delegates to discuss the latest advances in FGS’s systems.