Fish Guidance Systems


November will see the launch of the new SILAS-M system, providing a compact fish deflection solution suitable for municipal facilities such as pumping stations and drinking water intakes.

SILAS-M combines an acoustic signal with the output of High Intensity Lights to provide a combined deterrent to deflect a wide variety of fish species, including eels, from water abstractions. The system also has built in monitoring and diagnostics incorporated into the Control Unit, which provides managers and regulators the reassurance that the status of the system can easily be monitored, either via the internet or a sites own communication systems.

Dr David Lambert of FGS explained; "the modular design of the SILAS-M system offers enhanced flexibility for municipal sites with the ability to retrofit the system into any existing size of intake and meet the requirements of the recent EEL Regulations, and yet still enable the system to be upgraded with the acoustic Sound Projectors when required in the future to deflect all fish species".

The system is also enhanced by the introduction of UV LEDs into the lights to reduce biofouling and keep maintenance to a minimum.

SILAS-M is already attracting interest from several UK water companies and pumping station operators and FGS is looking to provide systems across Europe either directly, or via local distributors.