Fish Guidance Systems

FGS expansion

FGS has recently acquired additional office and workshop space at their Swanwick UK head office to meet the continuing growth in demand for its advanced fish behavioural systems. The additional space is needed to allow for investment in new production and testing facilities and future product development, and follows the recent appointment of another underwater acoustician.

This further expansion coincides with FGS celebrating the 20th anniversary of its formation and reinforces its position as a leader in fish behavioural research and the manufacture of multi-media fish control systems.

Speaking about the 20th anniversary celebration, Dr. David Lambert, UK General Manager of FGS explained - "This is a significant milestone for any company and we are proud to have been serving a diverse range of requirements for fish deflection and control now for 20 years. Over that time we have seen markets develop enormously and FGS has pioneered research into the benefits of using acoustic technology to guide fish". This led to the development of the original acoustic equipment and has been continually refined to include integrated light technology, and further developed to provide products for specialist applications, for example Eel and Elver passes.

Dr. Lambert added - "One of the keys to our success is our people. We have a number of specialists who have been with the company over the 20 years and their specialist knowledge and vast experience is really hard to find anywhere else in this industry".

The recent expansion provides FGS with additional capacity to continue to develop sustainable, integrated systems dedicated to addressing the needs of both existing and new clients with effective solutions for fish management issues.