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BBC reports on dramatic increase in glass eel population

A report in the BBC's primetime Springwatch programme has highlighted the remarkable increase in the numbers of glass eels arriving in the UK.

Springwatch presenter Martin Hughes-Games joined members of the Sustainable Eel Group on the River Severn during the UK's elvering season and explained to viewers about the huge increase in the number of eels arriving in 2014 compared with the lows of 2009.

>>This edition of Springwatch can be viewed until June 19, the report can be seen 41 minutes into the show >>

The film reveals how until this year's increase in eel population, the entire food chain upstream was under threat and the situation had been described as 'outside biologically safe limits' with the species on the path to extinction. It goes on to show how members of the Sustainable Eel Group have been active in helping the elvers to negotiate some of the man-made obstacles to reach their feeding grounds upstream.

FGS is able to provide and install a range of technical solutions to enhance upstream eel passage and can advise on optimum solutions and positioning of eel passes as well as providing a full installation and maintenance service.