Fish Guidance Systems

AFS Annual meeting, Quebec City, 2014

The protection of fish at cooling water intakes will be one of the key subjects on the agenda at this year's Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society to be held in Quebec during August.

Conference sessions sponsored by the AFS Bioengineering Section will present a wide range of topics relating to the implementation of the new Section 316 (b) of the Clean Water Act in the USA and its impact on industry and the environment.

FGS will be at the conference which will be held between August 17 and 20 2014. Dr. David Lambert, UK General Manager of FGS explained that they are looking forward to attending:

"The AFS conference is a pivotal event in the FGS calendar. It provides us with a great opportunity to engage with key scientists, consultants and decision makers within the marine and environmental sectors.

The conference not only allows colleagues the chance to catch up and form new networking relationships, but encourages open discussion on many diverse aspects of fish management and conservation. The requirement for industry in the US to comply with the new 316 (b) regulations is sure to be high on this year's agenda".

Further information about the 144th Annual AFS Meeting in Quebec City can be found at:

FGS will be attending the conference each day, and we will also be exhibiting our latest fish deflection systems on the OVIVO Water stand.