Fish Guidance Systems

BAFF Watch Live

A live webcam has been installed on the River Frome near Wareham, Dorset UK at the Smolt counting station, providing the opportunity to see the FGS Bio-Acoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) in action:
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Since 1995 Smolts have been counted at this location by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to determine the numbers emigrating from the river. To help the counting process, a BAFF system designed and installed by FGS, diverts the Smolts into the millstream at East Stoke. The BAFF produces a curtain of bubbles that has sound entrained within the bubbles, thereby providing both a visual impression of a barrier (the bubbles) with the sound to divert the fish. The stream of bubbles produced by the BAFF can be seen on the webcam image towards the top left of the river in the picture, above the bridge.

Provision is made for adult fish to be able to negotiate the apparatus and additional studies have shown that the system does not effect upstream adult movement. The Smolts are directed down the millstream so that the fish can pass through the fluvarium tanks where the smaller volume of water allows them to be counted electronically. Diversion rate in 2011 was very good at around 90%.