HIL System

High Intensity Light System

FGS provides a range of underwater High Intensity Light systems for deflecting eels from intakes, which can be used on their own or combined with acoustic systems, including the SPA and the BAFF, to provide complete protection for all fish species.

If supplied separately the High Intensity Light systems are easily upgradeable at a later date to incorporate FGS’s acoustic technology, which will enable the system to be future proof for anticipated forthcoming changes in legislation. The level of diagnostics and control over the system can be tailored to an individual client’s requirements, with full control via the internet available if needed.

The signal used in the system has been developed to match the visual pigments of the European eel and has been verified by successful independent trails.

A number of different High Intensity Light sources are available from FGS. The High Intensity Light Rings complement the FGS MkIII 30-600 Sound Projectors, typically installed at large industrial intakes, while the High Intensity Light Panels are used to protect smaller drinking water intakes and pumping stations. The High Intensity Light Bars are also used to protect intakes, and when combined with FGS BAFF systems can be used to guide eels away from drainage channels as well as hydroelectric intakes and towards fish passes.

These systems are the most advanced solid-state light-based fish deflection systems available in the world today and a number of High Intensity Light systems have already been installed in the UK to provide eel deflection at intakes to pumping stations and power stations.