Irrigation and Water
Transfer Schemes

Irrigation of farm land can vary from small seasonal schemes involving the flooding of traditional water meadows to large industrial sized water management and transfer schemes, moving water from one catchment to another, and on occasions, even further. In every event, the result is that fish are potentially drawn out of a river and sent on a one way trip to end up being killed while passing through pumps, blocking pipes or stranded on the land.

FGS has provided assistance with all sizes of schemes, from portable systems that can be moved between different irrigation hatches or offtakes, to systems installed on irrigation channels many tens of metres wide. Ideally the systems are located at the entrance to the offtake, but FGS has experience of providing deflection systems to deflect fish from entering the offtake and also guidance systems to help guide the fish back into the main river once they have entered the irrigation channel.

The transfer of water from one catchment to another can also lead to the potential for the transfer of non-native fish species, especially when a gravity fed scheme is installed. FGS has provided systems for a number of water transfer schemes to specifically reduce the potential for this to occur.

For further information on the systems available please contact FGS.