Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

Industrial plants can require large volumes of water and in the past legislation has only required screens to be installed to protect migrating salmonids (salmon and sea trout). However the requirement for screening has been heightened over recent years in the UK and Europe with the introduction of the EU Habitats Directive, which established Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), the Water Framework Directive and the Eel Regulations (2010). The result has been increased protection of fish in sensitive areas, as well as the number of fish species that are now protected. Further European legislation is expected to be introduced that will protect all freshwater fish species.

In the US Section 316b of the Clean Water Act requires cooling water structures to reflect the best technology available to minimise any adverse environment impact. The latest ruling opens the door for the introduction of alternatives to traditional physical screens.

Installing physical screens can be both technically challenging and financially prohibitive, while the need to keep the screens clean can pose significant operational issues for a facility. The use of behavioural systems is becoming increasingly accepted as ‘best available technology’, as is the case in the UK where acoustic systems are considered best available technology for coastal waters by the UK Environment Agency.

Fish Guidance Systems has provided acoustic and light based behavioural barriers to both new and existing industrial sites around the world, including power stations, petrochemical plants, paper mills, potable water abstractions, construction sites, and other industrial facilities, with systems being installed on both onshore and offshore intakes.

Each system is designed for the particular application and FGS engineers have over 20 years’ experience in tailoring systems to meet a sites individual requirements. Detailed in house acoustic and hydraulic modelling enables FGS to ensure the optimum size and configuration of system is installed, with sophisticated computer control enabling the system to integrate with existing site IT systems.

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