Flood Defence and Drainage

Flood defence and drainage pumping stations typically operate on an intermittent basis and fish can congregate in significant numbers inside the pumping chambers, especially during the winter months. The use of the chambers as a habitat refuge for the fish is encouraged by the UK Environment Agency, and yet coincides with the period when the pumps are most likely to be required to operate. The resulting fish kills of adult breeding fish can have a significant impact on the local fish population, as well as cause adverse public relation issues for the operators of the facilities.

The very first system installed by FGS was for a flood defence scheme, and the company has continued to work with operators to develop fish deflection systems to both remove the fish from the pumping chambers before the pumps start up and also prevent fish (re)entering the pumping chambers when the pumps are operating. These systems now represent some of the most complex fish guidance and deflection systems ever installed.

With the increasing demand for screening FGS can retrofit systems to existing intakes, as well as work with plant operators on the design of new pumping facilities. High Intensity Light systems are available to provide screening for eels to meet current legislative requirements, and the systems can be easily updated to full SILAS™ systems to provide screening for a general fish population if and when required.

For further information on the systems available please contact FGS.