Fisheries Management

Diverting, Herding and Construction Activities

FGS systems can be used for many different applications, enabling regulators, intake operators and construction companies working on or near water to limit their impact on nearby fish populations.

Typically systems are installed to deflect fish, but some applications require the fish to be actively herded. FGS systems can meet both these requirements.

Construction activities can also require fisheries management, including blasting, piling, as well as general construction works.


Fish diversion applications are usually associated with irrigation or water supply undertakings, power plant cooling water abstraction or hydropower generation.


FGS behavioural deterrence systems are used for fish herding in applications where a section of a large river or an area of open water needs to be cleared prior to undertaking an activity that would be potentially harmful to fish.

Construction Activities

Construction in ports, harbours, estuaries and waterways that involves blasting or piling operations can be harmful to fish within the immediate vicinity.