Drinking Water

Abstraction of drinking water can have a significant impact on river flows, as well as the resident fish population, and so the impact of drinking water intakes is closely monitored by the regulators. Since large volumes of water are required it is typical for a number of smaller intakes to be located running down a river, rather than a single large intake, as this helps maintain a more even flow in the river.

Many older intakes were built with only limited screening for debris, and with increasing legislation there is a need to prevent fish being drawn into the intakes. Physical screens can be installed, but can be prohibitively expensive, and on existing intakes the physical constraints of the intake can mean this is not feasible.

FGS’s behavioural screens offer a cost effective solution and the company has considerable experience of retrofitting systems to existing intakes, and also working with water companies on the design of new intakes, including desalination plants. FGS has supplied systems to the majority of the UK’s water utility companies.

FGS’s High Intensity Light systems can be installed to comply with requirements to screen for eels, and the system can be easily updated at a later date to a full SILAS™ system, incorporating acoustic Sound Projectors, to provide the most effective system available for a wide population of fish species.

For further information on the systems available please contact FGS.