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Most systems are designed for a particular site and so there is standard information we request to enable us to determine the most suitable system for a project. It is not necessary to provide everything listed below, but the more details you can supply on what is required the more accurate we can be on what type and size of system may be needed.

If you would like to discuss a project please contact us with as much information as possible.

Standard Information Required
on a Project

System Objectives

What is the system required for? Is it needed to deflect a particular species of fish or to comply with legislative requirements, such as eel screening, or the 316b rule? Or are there operational issues or other regulatory requirements?

Project Description

Is the water abstraction for a power station, hydro-electric, industrial, drinking water, flood defence, or irrigation facility? Or is there another possible use, such as herding or guiding the fish?

Operational Requirements

Operational Requirements What operational requirements are there on the system? (Will it be operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or is it required to operation only through a migration period, or during certain site conditions?

Site Location

Where is the site? Please supply plans of the site layout.

Type of intake

Is there an intake, pumping chambers or other existing or planned structure?


Please provide engineering drawings of the intake/site.

Fish Species

What are the key fish species that need to be deflected, and their size?

Water Velocity

What is the maximum water velocity into the intake?

Water Temperature

What are the maximum / minimum water temperatures when the system will be operating?

Fish Bypass

Is there a fish by pass installed? If so, what flow is entering it, in comparison to the intake, and main ‘river’?


Is any bathymetric data available for the area in front of the intake?

Water Depths

What are the maximum and minimum water depths at the intake (most importantly what are the design water levels when the system will be required to operate?)

Water Turbidity

Please provide information on the maximum, minimum and mean water turbidity at the site.

Control Equipment Location

Is there anywhere available to house the Control Equipment? And what is the potential distance to the intake?

Air Temperatures

What are the maximum / minimum air temperatures when the system will be operating?


When is the system required?

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