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Fish Guidance

Preventing fish from entering water intakes is a common problem facing many users abstracting water from rivers, estuaries and the sea. This can include power stations, hydro electric stations, pulp & paper factories, refineries, and intakes for drinking water, flood relief, inland waterways, fish farming and irrigation schemes.

Fish protection has traditionally been achieved by using fine physical screens, but these have the associated problems of high capital and maintenance costs and may block easily, restricting water flow. Behavioural screens operate by using the natural response of fish to a stimulus to deflect the fish away from the stimulus. A number of behavioural systems have been tested and acoustic systems have been found to be the most effective.

The initial research conducted by FGS focused on the problem of using sound to guide fish and led to the development of the original acoustic equipment which has been continually refined to provide FGS's current systems.

FGS now offers a complete a range of behavioural systems for deflecting or guiding fish (including acoustic and light systems), and has successfully completed projects around the world through its network of local agents and representatives.

FGS systems are backed up by our team of dedicated engineers, fisheries biologists and environmental scientists, ensuring that every system is tailor-made to suite the requirements of a particular site.